Tessa Groenewoud
(1980, Bergen op Zoom, NL)

Currently living and working in Ghent, Belgium

Master Fine Art, Media Art, School of Arts (KASK)
Ghent, Belgium
2014 – 2016

Art Science, University of Ghent
Ghent, Belgium
2007 – 2008

BA Fine Art, Royal Academy of Visual Arts (KABK)
The Hague, The Netherlands
1998 – 2003


The relation towards the image and the image collection are motives that are at the base of my work, often generated by a wonder for the act of searching and watching the ‘traveling’ image (through time and from one medium to another).
The unique- or singleness in experiencing a moment of dealing with images is called into question.
On the one hand my work tends to show a playful approach, where pictures can lead to a narrative structure or where a reconstruction of meaning and genesis of an image can be explored . On the other hand, in the formal properties of material and a conceptual approach, it reveals a research-based practice, with links to the history of photography, the Dutch tradition of the stilllife and the contemporary interaction with digital and online images.