Tessa Groenewoud
(1980, Bergen op Zoom, NL)

Currently living and working in Ghent, Belgium

Master Fine Art, Media Art, School of Arts (KASK)
Ghent, Belgium
2014 – 2016

Art Science, University of Ghent
Ghent, Belgium
2007 – 2008

BA Fine Art, Royal Academy of Visual Arts (KABK)
The Hague, The Netherlands
1998 – 2003


The relation towards the on- and offline photographic image and the image collection are motives that are at the base of my work. I am intrigued by the notion of the reality-effect of online search engines as a new everyday tool that calls for an examination of the act of searching itself.
On the one hand my work tends to show a playful approach where pictures can lead to a narrative structure and it is an invitation to make reconstructions in meaning and the genesis of an image. On the other hand, in the formal properties of material and a conceptual approach, it reveals a research-based practice, with strong links to the history of photography and the contemporary interaction with digital and online images.

Above all my work is generated by a wonder towards the act of searching and watching the ‘traveling’ image (through time, from one computer to another and from one medium to another). I call into question the unique- or singleness in experiencing a moment in dealing with the image apparatus.

Where in earlier works the idea of the image as an ‘objet trouvé’ and the questioning of the intermediary role of the (photographic) medium and the image as a highly unnatural artifice was often already present — in my youngest works the playing field of the online and digital landscape swarming with ready-made views has foregrounded. In times of picture vastness, to me it is the selection that makes the image and in this, everyday tools like the online image search engine (as the photo camera did earlier) ask to be deconstructed and approached with critical wonder.